Boris Becker urges US Open to defy coronavirus lockdown or players ‘will have to look for other jobs’

Flushing Meadows home of US Open PA

Boris Becker believes the US Open must find a way to go ahead, because players will have to find different jobs if the enforced coronavirus break is not ended soon.

There has been no tennis at all since early March due to the coronavirus outbreak, and none planned until July at the earliest but even that may be extended.

Such a move would almost certainly see the rest of the season cancelled, and Becker says that would be unimaginable for players further down the rankings.

“If there is a match on right now, the whole world will watch and television revenue will come in,” Becker told Indian legend legend Vijay Amritraj in an Instagram chat.

“If I were in charge, I would definitely try and have the US Open. I know the situation is not right in New York and I hope things get better.

“But if the US Open doesn’t happen, the rest of the tennis season may well be cancelled. What are you going to do with those hundreds who need a living?”

Becker believes that is is essential for the welfare and livelihoods of players to get back to playing tennis as soon as possible, and that should be done behind closed doors if need be.

“Most tennis players outside the top-50, male or female, need the weekly pay cheque,” the German added.

“For 30 years, the ATP, the WTA and the ITF have never agreed with each other and only worried about their own tournaments.

“But now everybody is in the same boat and struggling. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to bring everybody together.

“Tennis is one of the few sports that can be held without spectators. It is not ideal, but most tennis players need to make a living.

“If everything is cancelled for the next few months, half the players will have to look for other jobs.”

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