John McEnroe paints a grim picture for Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic takes a break

Outspoken former World No 1 John McEnroe believes that Novak Djokovic’s pandemic and vaccine ordeal is far from over.

McEnroe paints a grim picture in outlining the next few months of Djokovic’s career.

The former Wimbledon champion believes that we could see Novak Djokovic slip as low as 40th in the world before the end of the year.

With the United States still unwilling to allow entry to unvaccinated travellers into the country, Djokovic stands to not only lose out on defending the points he won during his 20th Grand Slam triumph but a raft of points from the North American hard court swing.

Even if he wins Wimbledon, it won’t soften the blow that much as the tournament has been stripped of its rankings points.

Djokovic has made it clear that he will not waiver on his refusal to be vaccinated against COVID-19, which leaves him facing a difficult end to the year.

“I don’t think he’s gotten over it yet,” McEnroe said on BBC.

“He’s as tough as they ever come.

“He’s had many, many occasions where he’s had to deal with crowds that are not on his side against those two other great ones – Rafa and Roger – yet he’s right there with them which tells you something about his mental fortitude.

“But this was one nobody anticipated.

“I don’t think he was able to deal with the ramifications even though he stood firm on his belief, which he is entitled to do and the decision was made.

Novak Djokovic sounds Wimbledon warning

“The bottom line is I can’t imagine it didn’t affect him in a big way and I think that’s why he maybe didn’t train as much and he looked – for him – a little out of shape in Monte Carlo.

“Then he looked like he had it together at the French but to me, having not played a slam match since the [US] Open, I think it caught up with him there [at Roland Garros].

“Now he’s got that even more ramped-up pressure that I assume he’s put on himself, especially if he can’t play the US Open.

“He could win this and he could be ranked 40 in the world in a few months because he can’t play anything in the States. It’s crazy. It’s unfortunate.”