How a meeting with the Obamas flipped Coco Gauff’s mood

Barack Obama Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff had to grind out a win against an opponent who appeared to be using every trick in the book to throw her off her game and which left her steamed up after her first round win until she was introduced to the Obamas.

Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took in Gauff’s match and had some advice for her in the aftermath.

Gauff claimed that the meeting gave her a real boost and turned her mood right around.

After a frustrating win that left Gauff angry, a chance meeting with the former POTUS put things into perspective for the 19-year-old.

“I actually just met them right before I came in here,” Gauff revealed at the post-match press conference following her win over Laura Siegemund.

“So my mood is a little bit nicer. Maybe I’m saying nicer things than I actually planned on (smiling). That lightened my mood. I literally texted, I was like, that’s brightened my mood so much.

“I wasn’t sure they were here or not. I saw the Secret Service. I didn’t know if it was Mr. Biden and Mrs. Biden. I knew it was somebody. Then I heard that maybe Mr. Clinton was coming. I didn’t know who exactly it was. So I didn’t know until after the match.

“I didn’t see them in the presidential box. I was obviously looking at that, but they weren’t I guess in my eyeline. But afterwards, yeah, they told me they wanted to say hi.

“I’ve met Mrs. Obama before. They told me it was just her initially. Then Mr. Obama was there in the room, too. I was like, Oh, my God. I haven’t soaked it in because I literally just walked in here. I think I’m going to never forget that moment for the rest of my life. Yeah, I went from being really upset after a win to, like, being really happy. So I’m glad I got to meet them. They gave me some good advice, too.”

As for that advice, Gauff would elaborate and explained that Michelle Obama lauded her courage in speaking up for herself when she felt she was being wronged.

“They just told me how I handle myself in these situations,” Gauff added.

“She said it’s good to speak up for myself. I think she was happy that I spoke up for myself today,” she rounded off with a smile.

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