Why Holger Rune can win the US Open

James Richardson
Holger Rune at French Open.
Holger Rune during French Open.

Holger Rune has been backed as a potential US Open winner.

Compatriot and former Wimbledon winner Frederik Lochte Nielsen believes that Rune is a contender for every Grand Slam crown.

Nielsen feels that the US Open takes place with Rune well placed to mount a serious challenge.

He fears that the one thing that might derail Rune is the summer heat in New York.

“I feel that as good as Holger is, I expect him to compete for the title every time he enters a Grand Slam,” Nielsen told SpilXperten.

“He is extremely fast on the court. The tournaments in Paris and Stockholm were a bit different because they were indoors.

“New York can be extremely hot and humid. That’s not something you experience in Paris or Stockholm indoors. So, that’s something to consider as well.”

Nielsen believes that Rune has the perfect blend of speed and power for the fast hard courts of New York.

“But he’s extremely fast from the baseline, which means he can withstand hard-hitters, and he’s good at moving forward and following up at the net,” he added.

“He has a lot of weapons to trouble his opponents. He has really improved his serving, and he’s good at returning.”

“He is a good all-round player, capable of playing on all surfaces, and he adapts well to different playing conditions.”

Rune is committed to grinding hard to keep up with the best players in the world and hopes to join the ranks of Grand Slam winners.

“I improved a lot, both mentally, physically. I really took everything much more serious I would say and I was really determined to push every single day, every tournament I played,” Rune told ATPTour.com.

“I feel like after the [2022] US Open swing, I really worked even harder and I got to the level where I wanted to be.

“I thought I was working hard, but then my results weren’t there, and then I worked 10 times harder. I think it’s always been like that,” Rune said.

“When I want something, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. And last year, I was not satisfied with where I was at that moment. And I thought, ‘Okay, there’s one way and it’s to put your foot down and just work’.

“I’m happy to be No. 6, but I’m not satisfied. And I don’t want to end at No. 6. I want to be No. 1, it’s no secret.

“Right now I’m also trying to work 10 times harder than I did in the beginning of the year. So hopefully, everything will come together.”

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