Why does the Wimbledon trophy have a pineapple on the top and more questions answered

Novak Djokovic kisses Wimbledon trophy

The Championships Wimbledon have a mystique surrounding them that is unique among tennis events and that has fed into curiosity surrounding its traditions, history and secrets.

Outside of ‘why does everyone playing in Wimbledon wear white’ some of the burning questions internet users have can be a bit offbeat while others are asked often because there isn’t really a satisfying answer.

Why does the Wimbledon trophy have a pineapple on the top?

The Wimbledon men’s singles trophy has a pineapple on the top of it, which is something that has inspired curiosity among those who spot it.

Andy Murray with Wimbledon trophy
Andy Murray with Wimbledon trophy

Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly why this is and it may just be a simple design element with no deeper meaning.

However, in 2017 a spokesperson for the Wimbledon Museum revealed their own theory: “In the 17th century pineapples were impossible to grow in the UK and they had to be imported, so being presented with one at a feast was seen as a great compliment.

“You might have seen pineapples being used on gateposts of stately homes as you travel around the UK. It’s because of their rarity.”

Why do they keep their balls in the fridge?

Up until recently, Wimbledon balls were kept in courtside fridges to ensure they remained at an optimal 20 degrees Celsius.

The balls are kept at this temperature to ensure that the compressed air inside of them remains at a consistent pressure which ensures as consistent a bounce as possible.

Wimbledon balls are supplied by Slazenger in a partnership that stretches back to 1902.

Are tennis balls at Wimbledon yellow or green?

Wimbledon 2021 balls

The tennis balls used at Wimbledon are yellow but they haven’t always been that way.

Traditionally, Slazenger provided white balls to complement the all-white aesthetic dictated by the Wimbledon dress code.

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Can anyone play on Centre Court at Wimbledon out of competition?

In short, no.

Not for all the tea and China or money in the world can you play on centre court.

Wimbledon’s centre court is in use only for the two weeks of the Grand Slam, and it is hallowed ground.

Why do they eat strawberries and cream?

Traditionally serving strawberries and cream, was something associated with the aristocracy particularly with summertime games and the outdoors.

Unverified accounts suggest that it was introduced to England in the Tudor period, specifically by Thomas Wolsey, whose estate included tennis courts.

As to why this snack particularly is served at Wimbledon, the answer is simply that it was first served in 1877 and then it simply caught on.