Aryna Sabalenka has no intention of giving up winning habit as she lines up Dubai run

Aryna Sabalenka in action
Aryna Sabalenka celebrates at the 2024 Australian Open

Australian Open champion Aryna Sabalenka is eager to continue winning big titles and building her reputation and legacy.

Sabalenka says that the success she has achieved inspires her to keep working hard on her game to achieve new heights.

She said that her most recent Grand Slam triumph hasn’t sunk in yet as she prepared for the second WTA 1000 event of 2024 in Dubai.

“My mindset is to keep doing what I’m doing, keep fighting, keep working. After my career, to look back and think, ‘Whoa, I was able to achieve that. That’s crazy’,” Sabalenka said on Sunday.

“I’m not the type of person who is going to win something and stop. Like I said, I’m addicted to wins. I felt like it’s just something in my blood and I keep doing, keep working, and hopefully keep winning.

“It’s been an amazing time [since winning in Australia]. I was super excited. We celebrate my win – our win. Yeah, we had so much fun. Yeah, I’m still emotional about that. I think it’s the best thing you can ever, ever get. But, as I say, it’s already in the past and I need to focus on the next one.”

Sabalenka said that the bid for a second Grand Slam brought a different kind of pressure but she was relieved to get No 2 out of the way so she can chase new heights.

“Last year it was, like, the first Slam, super excited, new feeling. This year, as a defending champion, it’s also kind of like a new pressure. You just try to separate yourself from that pressure.

“At the time you win it, you kind of feel so much relief. Oh, thanks. Yeah, it’s easier. OK, I did it. Thanks, God. We’re ready to go for the next one.”

Sabalenka admits that she needed to change her mindset in order to make her Grand Slam breakthrough.

“I guess I was always searching for something which can help me to control myself better,” said Sabalenka.

“After some years working with a psychologist, I just decided to kind of took the responsibility on myself, just to start to take the responsibility and not wait for somebody to help you fix something.

“At the end the only one thing helping me is just myself, just stop expecting people to fix my problems, start fixing my problems by myself. I think that’s brought much more confidence and much more control.”

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