Emma Raducanu reveals her biggest investment as a tennis player

Emma Raducanu forehand 2024
Emma Raducanu plays a shot in Auckland

Emma Raducanu has opened up on what it really takes to be a WTA Tour professional.

She says that the support team she has backing her is her biggest investment as well as her most important one.

Raducanu feels many people are unaware that so much goes into making sure a tennis player is ready to compete because they only see the individual on court.

“As athletes, our professional teams are very expensive, so that would be my biggest investment,” Raducanu told Harper’s Bazaar.

“From physio, fitness and tennis to food and discipline, all are investments – whether in terms of money or time – and all are in a bid to make our general ‘health’, plus our physical and mental levels, improve.”

Everything Raducanu does is carefully managed down to what she eats and when.

“I snack a lot – before and during training especially,” Raducanu adds.

“I need high-sugar and quickly digested snacks to keep me going. I love fruits, nuts, yoghurt, chocolate rice cakes, crunchy nut butters, granola, popcorn, and healthy bars – that kind of thing.

“Planning my mealtimes is also vital for two reasons; firstly I am a huge foodie and the type of person that looks forward to my next meal while I’m having the current one! Secondly, because during long, intense sessions I need to maintain focus and energy.

“Obviously staying hydrated helps ­– and is also key for recovery. I aim to drink at least two litres of fluids a day. Healthy hydration is also really important to my overall wellbeing, which is why I’m so happy to continue my partnership with Evian to ensure I’m getting my natural mineral water fix when I’m both on and off the court.”

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Raducanu has also learned the importance of saying no and getting to take some downtime for yourself.

“My ideal day off would be waking up at 8 am, reading in bed, scrolling through Reels or TikToks, then showering and catching up with a friend over some window-shopping or a walk – a day off is the only time I have to do these things,” She says of taking time off.

“Ideally, I would have a big, late lunch and be home by 5pm to get ready for the week ahead, and have something light for dinner.”

“I’d tell my younger self that it’s OK to say ‘no’ and prioritise what feels best for myself, especially in the hours ‘off’. Regardless of others’ perceptions, deep down we know when we are doing something truly for ourselves or rather because we feel we ought to.”