Eugenie Bouchard vows to regain her tennis focus after admitting past distractions

Eugenie Bouchard playing tennis

Eugenie Bouchard says that sudden fame has been detrimental to her career, but has vowed to once again make tennis her focus in 2019.

The Canadian reached a Wimbledon final in 2014 and climbed to number five in the world, but has appeared distracted by modelling and Instagram as her ranking has plummeted since.

“For a year after that, my life changed,” Bouchard told Real Radio.

“I was suddenly in the public eye and I felt tremendous pressure to keep up my level, keep up the results.

“But since then, I have learned a lot.

“I feel like I have gone through this rollercoaster of life within my career and I feel like pressure is ultimately just what you put on yourself.

“So I need to have a clear mind, not put pressure on myself and just try to play free. And you know, who cares what people say?”

Bouchard currently sits at number 87 in the rankings, but is hopeful of making inroads into that next season.

“I feel good. I have a new coach I like, I’ve been working hard.

“There [are] no guarantees for results but I definitely want to push myself and do whatever I can.

“I feel like I ended the season well, so I want to bring that momentum into 2019.”

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