Has Iga Swiatek been figured out by top players

Iga Swiatek in action

Former Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander has shared his thoughts on the mixed form of Iga Swiatek this season.

Swiatek has suffered four losses already this season, and while that doesn’t constitute a crisis, it is a noticeable dip from this time last year.

Wilander feels this is down to a lack of surprise factor and players figuring out game plans to beat Swiatek.

“I think the explanation why Swiatek hasn’t been winning as much this year as she did last year, it’s because the players have figured out how to play her,” Wilander told Eurosport.

“I think it started with Pegula in the United Cup in Sydney just before the Australian Open. Of course, it was continued by Rybakina in the Australian Open and then again continued by Rybakina in Indian Wells. So I think that’s the first thing.”

Wilander added that he feels like Swiatek will benefit from being forced to take a step back from the game for a while.

Swiatek sustained a rib niggle during her run at Indian Wells and in a freak occurrence, aggravated the injury with a severe cough.

The World No 1 will drop another thousand points as a result, but she remains out of reach of world No 2 Aryna Sabalenka, for now.

Wilander believes that the break could allow Swiatek to gain a clay court edge ahead of the return to her best surface.

“And then the second thing, I’m glad that she’s getting a time to take a break. I think it comes at a great time in a way – of course, nobody wants anybody to not feel 100% – but for her tennis, I think it might be a good thing.

“Because people keep asking her, ‘Hey, last year you won 37 matches in a row. This year you’re not winning 37. What’s wrong? What’s happening? Can you not handle the players that I just mentioned, the big power when they go hard to your forehand on a faster [court]?’

“And I think for her it would be a great time to step away, start practising on a clay court, take her time and get back in it. Because really, right now what’s important for her is to do well in Roland-Garros. Of course, winning matches before is important, but Roland-Garros is when she needs to walk on the court, feel like one of the favourites, because if she feels like it, she’s going to be one of the favourites.

“So it comes at a good time. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get to see her in Miami. I’m not going to get to see her because I’d love to see her solve the problem (against the power players), but maybe it’s better for herself to take a couple of weeks off.”

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