Iga Swiatek getting better at pushing the reset button

Iga Swiatek takes a break
Iga Swiatek of Poland in action

Iga Swiatek says that she has to make a conscious effort to reset during her matches to ensure that she takes each match moment as it comes.

Swiatek admits that she is plagued by overthinking.

However, she also counters that she has become quite good at pressing the reset button during her matches.

“I feel like I’m really good at just changing the way I think because I’m usually a person who’s overanalysing,” Swiatek said on the WTA Insider Podcast. “I have many thoughts and some of these thoughts are not helpful when you want to perform well.

“It’s the most important thing to do for me during the tournament, even during matches when I’m leading and I have like 3-0, I still try to kind of reset and think about it as a blank situation like when I just started and I want to perform my best. It doesn’t really matter for me what happened 10 minutes ago, the same way it doesn’t really matter for me what happened last week.”

Swiatek admits that she doesn’t have the formula to quiet her mental demons.

“There are tournaments where I had these intrusive thoughts and it’s much harder to work on it,” Swiatek said. “But there are some, like Indian Wells, where I worked through it and I just knew that I’m doing the right job and it worked. That’s why I was super proud of myself after the tournament because I didn’t let myself wonder about things that usually have a bad influence on my performance.

“I was really in the zone, but not in that kind of zone when everything is working, but in that kind of zone where you’re really just focused on making it work. There’s no recipe for how to do that. You just have to try, I guess, and maybe in the future, with experience, it’s going to get a little bit easier.”

Swiatek believes that big titles have become harder for her to win now that she knows what it takes to be a Grand Slam champion.

“Repeating the Grand Slam wins for sure it was much, much harder,” Swiatek said. “You already know that you’re capable, so you feel like nothing is stopping you.

“But on the other hand, you’re competing against so many great athletes that mistakes sometimes are going to come or you’re going to lose sometimes, and it’s more disappointing when you do that. You’re more scared of feeling that.”

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