Marketa Vondrousova slams the WTA over Cancun shambles

Marketa Vondrousova
Marketa Vondrousova plays a shot

Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova has called out the WTA for the poor running of the season finale in Cancun.

Vondrousova contrasted the organization for the Billie Jean King Cup in Sevilla with the poor efforts in Cancun.

She says that the complaints she has are common among the top players.

Australian Open champion Aryna Sabalenka also complained about the conditions, particularly the poor state of the newly-built courts in Cancun.

“Coming to Seville from Cancun seems like something different,” Vondrousova said.

“Here we have excellent slopes, there is no wind, there is no rain. I feel better here! I imagine it is much better to arrive here from Cancun than to do the opposite, traveling from here to there. We girls talk a lot about this topic, even before we go out to play.

“We were in contact every day. I think in the end we were all very disappointed: that wasn’t tennis. We suffered a lot in every match. Furthermore, I believe that the tennis shown was not good, neither for the spectators nor for us.

“When we arrived and saw that the courts were crazy, that the rain was crazy… we were disappointed.

“I had to stop my match against Gauff about five times. This drove me crazy. Yes, I know, it’s part of tennis, but things shouldn’t be done like that.

“They should know where a tournament like this will be held well in advance of the US Open, as well as take a look at what the weather might be on those dates where they plan to hold the tournament. I think it’s the first thing they should do,” she said.

Vondrousova hopes that the WTA’s top players will be able to use a bit of player power to force some change in the sport.

“I feel that the best players in the world already know each other a little more, that we know each other quite well,” Vondrousova said.

“I think the girls who are in the top-10 or top-15 are very close. We feel that together we are strong and maybe we can do something.

“We can also communicate with people and the WTA directly, in an organized way.

“It’s nice to know we can stick up for each other.”

WTA chief Steve Simon said that player’s concerns had been taken on board.

“It is clear you are not happy with the decision to be here in Cancun. I understand that and you have been heard,” Simon wrote in a memo to players.

“It is not a perfect event, we understand the conditions are a challenge and the WTA accepts responsibility for that.”

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