NBA superstar backs Serena Williams over controversial US Open behaviour

Serena Williams press conference

Basketball superstar Steph Curry has come out in defence of the controversial Serena Williams on-court antics that have dominated the tennis landscape recently.

The 23-time Grand Slam winner launched herself into a sustained on-court rant at umpire Carlos Ramos, which eventually cost her a game penalty, en-route to losing the US Open final to Naomi Osaka.

However, NBA star Curry has defended Williams, and also urged everyone to take her concerns over sexual equality seriously.

“On the court, we all have reactions to things that happen,’ Curry said.

“I have thrown mouthpieces before, had outbursts you might want to take back, but the way she handled it post-match with how eloquently she put her sentiments around gender equality in her sport and created the conversation we can all assess for ourselves.

“Whether you agree with her or not, there were issues that Serena wants to deal with and those conversations will keep going because she took a stand.

“I encourage women to take stances as they see fit and we need to understand what that means.

“I have two daughters and I have learned so much in the six years of being a parent on the opportunity to shift their perspectives and what’s possible for them in their lives, whether they pick an industry that’s male-dominated or what have you, that they have the opportunities to succeed and excel and rise to the top and that there aren’t any barriers that should be in their way.

“That’s the message you want to send home. When it comes to the pay gap there is a lot of work to be done and it’s not just one essay that is going to change that, it’s about how we in our industries, jobs, communities can empower those that need to be empowered.”

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