Umpire right to punish Serena Williams at US Open final, says WTA ace

Serena Williams rages at referee

British number one Johanna Konta says that the umpire was right to give Serena Williams code violations at the US Open.

Controversy erupted on the Arthur Ashe Court when Williams directed a torrent of frustration at umpire Carlos Ramos after he called a violation for coaching.

Williams went on to say it was sexism issue, but Konta sees it somewhat differently.

“The umpire was right, Patrick Mouratoglou (Williams’s coach) was coaching, he said so,” Konta said.

“He gave a coaching violation. I think that has to be taken separately to then what happened after.

“I’m all for equal rights but I don’t necessarily always agree when you don’t like something, you brush it onto the inequality carpet and say because I’m a woman I didn’t get this.

“I don’t necessarily always agree with that approach.

“I think if you would look at this umpire’s history and that were to stand out, then yeah there is an argument to that.

“But I think they took the stats specifically for the US Open and the men actually got significantly more code violations than the women.”

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