Simona Halep confirms ‘risky’ decision to go it alone without a full-time coach

Simona Halep celebrates

World number one Simona Halep has confirmed she will remain without a coach for the time being, although she admits it will be ‘tough’ to go it alone.

The Romanian split with Darren Cahill last year and has been reluctant to commit to anyone else so far, and that looks set to remain for now.

“The situation is that for the next three to four months, I don’t want to take the coach,” Halep told

“I’m not thinking about that. I just go with the flow and I’ll see how it works, kind of, alone.

“I just want to chill. I had enough pressure, I had enough tension during these years.

“Now I feel like I don’t want to commit to anyone because when you take a coach you have to commit to that person and you want to do the best for him and the team.

“So I need to be chilled for a few months, a few weeks, because last year was a tough year, emotional stuff.

“So I feel better if I stay like this. It’s my decision and I don’t know if it’s the best, but I took the risk to do that.”

Halep became a Grand Slam winner under Cahill’s guidance, but she insists there is no animosity following his decision to step down from her side.

“He took the decision because of the family and the family comes first always,” Halep said.

“I was not disappointed or upset, I fully understood. We have a very good relationship.”

“We talk most of the days. I asked for advice and he gave it to me. We talked during the off-season as well.

“It’s not the same of course, because he’s not my coach anymore. But we are great friends and that is the most important.

“The last four years were with Darren and they were the best four years. I can say it’s tough without him.”

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