Elena Rybakina after beating Victoria Azarenka at the 2024 Miami Open
Ewan West

Elena Rybakina addresses Roger Federer trait she shares and makes confession about Miami run

"I think it's just the character, but also if sometimes you can notice that I'm also negative."
Victoria Azarenka at the Miami Open
Kevin Palmer

Victoria Azarenka used ‘parenting techniques’ to cope with Miami Open technical meltdown

Victoria Azarenka's latest match was held up as the line-calling technology broke down - and she was not impressed.
Victoria Azarenka and Novak Djokovic
Kevin Palmer

Victoria Azarenka reveals how Novak Djokovic is inspiring her to reach for more

How world No 1 Novak Djokovic is inspiring Victoria Azarenka to reach for more.
Naomi Osaka smiles during a match in Doha

Grand Slam winners hoping to emulate Serena Williams after becoming mothers – ‘She paved the way’

We take a look at several high-profile mothers on the tour and their routes back to success.
Victoria Azarenka and Novak Djokovic
Ewan West

Victoria Azarenka divulges how she is taking inspiration from Novak Djokovic

"I'm not sure how many people actually do see the changes that he made, even technically."
Noak Djokovic won a 7th ATP Finals title in Turin
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Victoria Azarenka claims one Novak Djokovic quality is ‘the most underrated thing in tennis’

The former world No 1 singled out a certain Novak Djokovic attribute for the highest praise.
Petra Kvitova Miami
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WTA Rankings: The top five players over 30, ft. Petra Kvitova

There are currently no players older than 29 in the top 10 of the WTA Rankings, but there are 18 players aged 30 or above in the top 100.