Who is Cameron Norrie’s girlfriend, Louise Jacobi?

Cameron Norrie Girlfriend Louise Jacobi

Keen followers of Cameron Norrie would have noticed a striking blonde woman attending the South African-born British No 1’s matches.

That woman is his girlfriend of four years, American Louise Jacobi.

Jacobi is something of a star herself, albeit in the interior design and textile business.

She founded an exciting upstart design studio with a “high-end design aesthetic and luxury ethos” in Please Don’t Touch where she is also the creative director.

Jacobi oversees the entire creative process and strategy, from sourcing, development, and production to merchandising and sales, with a strong focus on designing luxury products for interior design brands and fashion houses.

She was born in New York city but studied in Michigan and later London.

The first pictures of the couple together appeared on Norrie’s Instagram account back in November of 2019. In turn, Norrie first appears on Jacobi’s Instagram timeline in early 2020 when she shared a picture of them together at the ASB Classic in Norrie’s other hometown of Auckland.

Jacobi studied Textile and Fashion Design at Central St Martin’s in London and it is during this time that she met Norrie.

The couple got to know each other a lot better after being hunkered down together during the first COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Jacobi has conceded that she doesn’t really know much about tennis but she enjoys coming out to support Norrie when he is in action.

She said: “I’m still figuring out the tennis rules but I’m enjoying the views,” when quizzed on her knowledge.

The couple have enjoyed travelling together, which is probably just as well considering the career path of Norrie.

Norrie has revealed that things can get a bit spicy in the kitchen when he tries to wing it while Jacobi is a stickler for a recipe.

He said: “We get into arguments when we cook.

“Louise always wants to follow recipes to the letter while I prefer to wing it and experiment a bit.”

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Jacobi initially completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan before her studies in London.

She also founded luxury design firm Studio Virgo, which is located in Santa Barbara, California, although being born on 15 May 1998 she is a Taurus.

Norrie has credited her with allowing him to unwind and take his mind off of tennis and having a calming effect on him.

According to Norrie, Jacobi gets along very well with his parents who remain a big influence on him.