Inside the stunning mansion used by Novak Djokovic during the US Open

Kevin Palmer
New Jersey mansion used by Novak Djokovic when he is at the US Open
New Jersey mansion used by Novak Djokovic when he is at the US Open

Novak Djokovic has been making regular visits to the US Open throughout his glittering career and he has found the perfect hideaway to stay at when he plays in the final Grand Slam of the year.

Most players stay at assigned hotels that provide accommodation for the vast army of visitors who descend on New York at this time of the year.

These hotels are set up to provide players with accommodation, food and transport to the tennis centre, but Djokovic does not mingle with the tennis bubble when he is at the US Open.

Instead, he has found a perfect spot to base himself in recent years, as he stays with a friend with stunning tennis facilities on site.

The property in Alpine, New Jersey is owned by Gordon Euhling III and includes tennis courts with different surfaces, including a clay court made up of clay from the same crushed-brick surface used at Roland Garros for the French Open.

There is also believed to be a state-of-the-art indoor court at the estate, complete with a line-calling technology system.

Djokovic and his large travelling team spend time in New York before the tournaments start to sample the unique atmosphere of the Big Apple, before moving to New Jersey to ensure he has the perfect setting to focus on his tennis.

“I combine the city with New Jersey,” Djokovic told NJ Advance Media.

“There’s so much to do and so much to see. Obviously, you have to balance it well with your commitments here on-site, training and preparing and recovering.”

“Normally before the tournament starts, I’m in the city. Then once the tournament starts, we go into full lockdown mode.

“My friend has a beautiful estate there with tennis courts.

“Just me and my family, we stay there. We have a relaxing time. It’s great in the off days between the matches, you just kind of recharge, rejuvenate, and you’re able to come out and have more energy.”

When asked why he varies his locations while he is in America, Djokovic suggested his pre-tournament mode changes when he needs to get down to business.

“I just feel like the city is amazing, but after a while, it starts being a distraction,” he added.

“When the tournament starts, what you need is the tranquillity, just taking things day by day.”

“Gordon is my best friend here in America for the last 15 years. I have always been kindly invited to stay at his place.

“His son, who’s now 14, is playing as well so my kids are friends with his children as well so it’s a great way for me to spend some quality time with my friends and family and recharge for the tough battles here in the Open.”

Djokovic with daughter Tara
Novak Djokovic with his daughter Tara

Djokovic tends to travel with his parents and his wife Jelena, as well as an extended coaching, medical and wellness team.

The seclusion and security of the location in in Alpine ensures that Djokovic has no distractions as he looks to make more tennis history and he admits he can get tense during major tournaments.

“I care about this profession and I take it very seriously. I know a lot of the other players do too,” he told reporters at the US Open.

“We expect the highest levels of dedication from our team members, as they expect from us.

“Overall, we are a team and we stick together. We have had some tremendous success in the last couple of years and I am pleased with where I stand.

“Yes I can be difficult, but I don’t know a player who is playing at the highest level and everything is flowers and music.

“It has to be challenging for everyone, for the player and the coaching staff, or there is no growth.

“That’s how you push yourself to the limit. You need to understand how you can develop the game and how you can become better on and off the court.”

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